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Amy Carter

Thank you for letting us know about this. We drove to the South Isenberg reserve tonight. Was able to see the comet through the scope and the binoculars just below the Big Dipper about 10pm. Also scoped Saturn and Jupiter (could really see the Moons of Jupiter) . Had Barn owl and Great Horned Owls. Also had many coyote calling. The other thing we noticed was the large number of cats- we had at least 4 cats wandering around the trees behind the mound. 

Amy Weiser 
Stockton, CA 

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My son and I did some stargazing in our yard last evening as well.
We watched the Space Station fly across the the northern sky and also scoped Jupiter and Saturn.
We too had a flyover from a Barn Owl, which also called several times.

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Pat & I drove out to the North Isenberg Preserve parking area last night.  We saw the Neowise comet.  No city lights.  Binoculars are a must.  It was about 9:45 pm.  Windy & 68 degrees.  But on the way we saw our first barn owl of the year.  It flew in front of the car.  The comet was awesome.  Go out somewhere out in the country & look for the big dipper towards the Northwest & scan the sky with you binocs.  You will see it.   Dave & Pat  

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