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Hello all,

Very recently an active colony of Tricolored Blackbirds near Woodland was destroyed while the young were at the pre-crèche stage.  Someone recorded all or much of the active destruction, but didn't contact the Wardens of California Department of Fish and Wildlife in a timely manner..

Please contact CalTIP as soon as you see a violation.  Any Warden near enough will be dispatched right away, and that can make all the difference.  You can put this into the contacts on your phone for convenience.  The number is:  1-888-334-CalTIP.  You can text anonymously including photos .  For more info visit www.wildlife.ca.gov/Enforcement/CalTIP .

When Wardens went to the site there was devastation of the colony, and in addition two hen Mallards on nests were decapitated .

If you are not sure if something is a violation go ahead and call, and let them sort out the facts.

Mary Schiedt

Kasey Foley
Stockton, CA

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