Westgate Landing

Pat Croft <patndavid@...>

Westgate Landing is open with restrictions. Day use people are restricted to the day use area of the parking lot & the levee. The camping area is closed currently to everyone. The way I understand it when the camping area is open it will be closed to all day use people. READ THE SIGNS!!!!. I did not & I heard about it. Pat & I went into the camping area. When I got nicely scolded she was on the levee. People were on the levee fishing. It costs $5 for day use people. The picnic tables can be used but with restrictions. Please read all the signs.

There are plenty of birds. The highlights was hearing both California quail & ringed-necked peasants. Seeing several Bullocks orioles & western kingbirds. Also 2 flocks of kettling swainson’s hawks. House sparrows, house finches, robins & mockingbirds abound. We saw 2 ash throated flycatchers chasing each other. Etc. See my e bird checklist. Dave & Pat

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