Re: Migrants

Pat Paternostro

I briefly birded Dentoni this morning.
Had a Townsend’s, 1 WAVI, a few WETA and at least 5 Wilson’s.

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I only had one Western Tanager at Laughlin Park yesterday. No other neotropical migrants!  They must’ve all been in your yard!  Today I had 7 Western Tanagers, 2 Black-headed Grosbeaks, and a single Orange-crowned Warbler. That was it. Hope you have better luck. 

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Yesterday, Rich and I had an invasion of migrants in our yard including Western tanager (6), Bullock’s oriole (4), Black-throated gray warbler (4), Townsend’s warbler (2), Wilson’s warbler (2), Orange-crowned warbler (1), Black-headed grosbeak (1), Warbling vireo (1), Cassin’s vireo (1) plus our regulars, Lesser and American goldfinch, Black Phoebe, Swainson’s hawk, blah, blah, blah😉

Looks like this morning brings another push as we already had 4 Black-headed grosbeak, 3 Western tanager, 2 Bullock’s oriole, 1 Yellow warbler (FOS) and a Wilson’s warbler, wow!

Great birding!

Kasey Foley
Stockton, CA

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