Re: Laughlin Park Empid

David Yee

Hi Jim:

The bill shape/color, eyering shape, crested look, big headed and short-tailed appearance all look good for Hammond's to me.  Hard to judge the primary projection based on photo.  

Good Birding,
David Yee

On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 1:50 PM Jimmy Gain <jimgain@...> wrote:

After birding Lodi lake with Jim Rowoth, I stopped by Laughlin Park for a 45 minute quasi-quick birding stop. I had a Pacific-slope Flycatcher (visual and calling), A Nashville Warbler (maybe two), a Black-throated Gray, Yellow and Wilson’s Warbler. I also had a silent empid flycatcher that was well seen for about 8 minutes. Bill was smallish and all dark. It gave only occasional tail flicks. My only hesitation in calling it a Hammond's Flycatcher is that the primary projection doesn't look remarkable. Anyone to weigh in on one photo of the empid?



Jim Gain


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