Wednesday birding

Pat Croft <patndavid@...>

All. Pat & I went out to Geradot Stable Ponds. The highlights were 2 forster terns fishing both ponds. Watching the nesting Yellow headed & Red wing blackbirds. The were a pair of gadwalls & ruddy ducks still around also golden-crowned & white-crowned sparrows. We saw 2 nesting osprey just west of Geradot’s on Highway 12. Nesting on top of a telephone pole. We birded McIntyre Road. No traffic at all. We saw fly overs of one each Turkey Vulture, Red-Tailed Hawk & Swainson’s hawk. There was a small pond that produced a greater yellowlegs, 2 mallards & 2 canada geese. The Day Use Park is stilled closed. We are doing yard birding today as yard work & house work need to be done. Dave & Pat

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