Backyard activity


The last couple of days have been good through my kitchen window. I have had two pairs of Bullocks Orioles coming several times a day to one of my hummingbird feeders, the feeder is an old style with inch long sip tubes. I cut an orange and a grapefruit for them, but the just stand on the fruit and drink nectar. Today, bush tits were feeding on the Drosophila that were attracted to the fruit. The Munia continue to be reliable visitors. If anyone would like to add them to a life list, I am sure we could maintain social distancing while you observed them, I also have a 2300 step trail through my wood lot that can be worthwhile. Let me know if interested. New today, a Wilson's Warbler feeding on mealworm suet, and a Pipit. I have several nesting pairs of birds on the property; Black Phoebes, two pair of Robins, (pipped egg shells on the ground yesterday), a pair of California Towhees, a pair of Nuthatches returning to a bluebird box for the third year in a row, I have not seen their nest, but a pair of Black-headed Grosbeaks that were coming together and now both still appear, but separately, and oak titmice, collared doves, scrub jays, house finches and starlings. The robins make a lot of use of emu feathers from my emu pen in their nest.

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