Heritage Oak Winery

k foley

Rich and I visited Heritage Oak Winery today to pick up our wine. We asked Tom (the owner) if we could walk the trail and he said yes so we went for a nice stroll in the late afternoon so birding was slow. We saw dozens of Pipevine Swallowtail, Mournful duskywing, and Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, along with several Alfalfa (sulfur) butterflies. Oh, right, this is a bird listserve...we saw a Chipping sparrow on our walk, which was very exciting to us, also many Bullock's orioles were chattering in the trees, House wrens everywhere, White-breasted nuthatch, Towhees (Spotted and California), Red-tailed and Swainson's hawks, tons of Western bluebirds, Audubon's warblers, Hermit thrush, Downy and Nuttall's woodpeckers, White-crowned and Golden-crowned sparrows, and a Partridge, err, uh, a California quail in the pile of branches in the lower vineyard. It's a lovely place to visit but I wanted to remind everyone that Heritage Oak is private property and a winery and we are lucky we are allowed to bird there. Please be considerate and make a purchase (order online or call first) from the tasting room so we will continue to be welcome there.

Stay Safe and Good Birding Everyone!

Kasey Foley
Stockton, CA

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