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Yes, one and all, 

That is a good question.  What technologies exist on the market today that can integrate related and disparate knowledge domains into rationally understood formats that users can immediately understand and use?  Which solve the language complexity barriers (heterogeneous mixtures) that every organization encounters.  Which are available that scale to accommodate the requirements of small, medium, and large companies?

This question has been popping up since the first issue of KMWorld published in October 1998.  And, since that time, the KM world has had little interest in addressing the technical needs of technology since they could define knowledge requirements that the IT world solved over a decade.  Now, KM practitioners are hanging out in a nether world, or implementing workshops on KM, but have not solved the KM technology problem.  It is an illusion that AI, Machine Learning and related technologies are going to solve these problems, because IT requirements and practices are different from KM practices and requirements. 

So, if not us, who”  That solution starts with asking, “what does a KM compliant enterprise look like?”  What are the systems and their components? How do they interact.  What kind of content do they deliver, and how do they deliver that content.  Perhaps this graphic can help?  Let’s get down and dirty.  The people who prospered during the gold rush were those people who sold the picks and shovels.  This is not only a gold rush, it is about the future of the KM industry.  IMO

Accounting, for example, requires that the books be closed on an annual basis.  That is a knowledge problem since the people and the process may change every year.. Organizations utilize hundreds of applications to develop millions of documents, marketing/sales graphics, or implement unlimited numbers of strategies, policies, procedures, practices.  You all know this better than I do.  Does this represent a knowledge problem, or a data problem?   


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Congratulations indeed!
But... now I am eager to know more about how to achieve organisational change (and the tools and approaches) and especially, how to coordinate the watercooler moments. Is there more info to share?

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