KM framework

Soha Radwan

Hi All,

I am actually working on setting up a kind of a  high level Knowledge Management framework/ Model to wrap up the how KM is managed in the organization. 

We do actually have a Knowledge and Innovation Management Strategy. We also have some Procedures written for some initiatives For example:

-  Managing internal Knowledge resources - Starting from Identifying knowledge resources (as some call it Explicit Knowledge)  to be captured all through sharing them on the internal portal  to be used and then assess the usage and utilization.

- Managing external Knowledge resources - Almost like the above initiative Procedure, but it is about knowledge resources brought in from external sources.

- Creating  Employee profiling - Something like LinkedIN - to enable collaboration 

Besides some other Knowledge sharing and learning activities (online and Physical)

what do you think could be a kind of a high level KM framework/ Model from the literature could be helpful to wrap these up.

Thanks and regards,

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