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Murray Jennex

okay, you looked but you have also said that you don't believe KM is a people issue so you didn't really absorb all that research

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I did Murray. As a matter of fact, went through the publications of top 5 journals of the last five years, looking for relevant insights. I think I created a list of more than 1000+ journal papers, including some papers from top management journals. Would share a snap shot of the analysis. I used the key words to do the study.



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sorry I don't agree with you and I just don't think you've looked at the KM research literature.

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Hi Murray,
Went through the 10 project ideas and I am afraid, they reflect a KM thinking from which we should run away very fast. If these are the topics that are being actively researched by academicians, then we have something to worry about.
The suggestions are heavily people oriented to promote KM. People oriented KM will always find it difficult to ensure reuse of knowledge. Instead of finding ways to make employees ask questions, we should find why employees keep asking the same question. Best practices and lessons learned should never be sitting in databases. They should be incorporated in processes, tools or into training materials and removed from databases. Of the mentioned subjects, I find the one related to AI relevant....
I concur with you, that academicians are doing interesting work on KM. However it is few and far in between. Very few of them make a meaningful impact and the time to make impact may be decades. There was a very interesting paper by Roger Bohn, titled “Measuring and Managing Technological Knowledge”, which was published in MIT Sloan in 1994. Almost 25 years back!! That is the direction KM function should take, but we will take years to reach there.

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This is article is my thinking on KM and projects, “Does your Organization have an asking problem?”

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Nice post Stan!  The most interesting thing about the post is that most of these questions are questions actively being researched by academics (many papers on these and other KM topics are being presented in my Track: Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Systems, at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, HICSS).  What is most interesting is that I have seen many posts that seem to indicate academics are not doing relevant KM research.  My proof that they are are the questions below: I have either published papers in my journal, International Journal of Knowledge Management, or my track at HICSS, or have actually done the research on all but maybe #9 below.  I would even say that many of Randahir's post on new ways of thinking on KM have already been or are being addressed by academics.  My final point, is that practitioners and academics need to have stronger ties.  I offer practitioners opportunities to publish through my Reports from the Field minitrack at HICSS with fast track publishing to IJKM but am not getting much practitioner response.

Practitioners: the ball is in your court, academics are doing the relevant research, you're not reading it and you're not participating much in opportunities to work with academics.....murray jennex

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Here are 10 suggestions:
  1. What are effective ways to get people to overcome their reluctance to ask questions openly?
  2. What are effective ways to motivate people to share and reuse knowledge, including formal goals, recognition, rewards, and gamification?
  3. What are effective ways to help people move from using email for everything to using it for what it does best, and using other tools for what they do best?
  4. How can the glut of information flow be managed more effectively so that people can pay attention to the things that matter the most and not be distracted by other noise?
  5. How can artificial intelligence and cognitive computing be effectively used to significatnly advance knowledge management in ways that go beyond simple applications such as speech interfaces and chat bots?
  6. Define a set of metrics that have been used effectively to actively monitor and improve KM programs and enterprise collaboration
  7. Prove or debunk the 90-9-1 rule of thumb for participation and community engagement
  8. Prove or debunk the value of maturity models for knowledge management, enterprise collaboration, and related areas
  9. Prove or debunk the validity of computing the return on investment (ROI) of knowledge management and enterprise collaboration
  10. Prove or debunk the value of best practice replication and lessons learned databases

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