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Mountain bluebird at candlestick 11/26/22 5 messages By Dominik Mosur ·
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Scaly-Breasted Munia at Fort Mason By David Assmann ·
Long Billed Dowitchers By David Assmann ·
Scaly-breasted Munia in Glen Park By Stefanie Arthur ·
Royal Tern present By Siobhan Ruck ·
Mt. Lake By Matthew Zlatunich ·
West SF 11/21/22 - Snowy Plovers, Horned Lark, White-throated Sparrows et al. 2 messages By Dominik Mosur ·
Join Us for the 2022 Oakland CBC By Dawn Lemoine ·
Royal tern search 2 messages By Josiah Clark ·
Royal Tern By David Assmann ·
Common/Barrows Goldeneye? By David Webster ·
Barrow's Goldeneye? Underwing By David Webster ·
Barrow's Goldeneye? By David Webster ·
Troglodytes Wren Mountain Lake 11/9 By Logan Kahle ·
Corvid Crossbill 2 messages By Richard Bradus ·
Local Interest - Fort Mason Western Tanagers, Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker, etc. By David Assmann ·
Western Kingbird By Brian Fitch ·
Swamp Sparrow - North Lake, GGP By Keith Maley ·
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