Glaucous Gull on China Beach in San Francisco on 12/20/20 By Katherine Simmonds ·
ID pleas By Joel Perlstein ·
Shrike at Yosemite Slough... By Richard Bradus ·
ID please By Mila Zinkova ·
ID help 3 messages By spw49@... ·
Western Tanager and Bullock's Oriole for Count Week By David Assmann ·
Bernal Hill and Miller Community Garden By Donna Hayes ·
id please 7 messages By Mila Zinkova ·
Snow Goose for SF Count week By jfairc49@... ·
Count week starts today! SF Christmas Bird Count is 12/29 By Siobhan Ruck ·
Oriole at Least Flycatcher stakeout By Lucas Stephenson ·
Least Flycatcher Hotspot 2 messages By Oscar Moss ·
Loggerhead shrike continues at Yosemite slough By Nico Stuurman ·
Least Flycatcher still present By Benjamin Byerly ·
Loggerhead shrike in view By Rachel Lawrence ·
Loggerhead shrike Yosemite slough By Rachel Lawrence ·
Presidio near Arguello: Least - yes Sapsucker - no By Richard Bradus ·
Red-winged blackbirds (?) at Crissy Field By spw49@... ·
Least Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and White-throated Sparrow still at Arguello and West Pacific Avenue in Presideo By Joe Morlan ·
murmurations By Kay Voyvodich ·
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