White-fronted Goose et al at Letterman

Richard Bradus

Hi all

On a pre-lunch walkabout I headed down through the Presidio and explored the Letterman Digital Arts Complex, with its artificial stream and pond (quite a hit with the young kids, who revel in feeding the ducks and splashing about if they are allowed). I was surprised to also find a Greater White-fronted Goose and three Cackling Geese, all happily grazing on the lawn above the pond as people in the area sat eating their lunches and such. Probably the same gang that have been at Crissy Field for some time - seems that they explore nearby pastures as well.

Not much than mallards on the pond aside from a couple of full size Canada Geese, but the surrounding trees held many smaller birds (warblers, nuthatches, kinglets, a couple of woodpeckers) and there was a reasonable group of sparrows. While it can be full of frolicking kids and sometimes overwhelming number of crows, the relative absence of dogs and the range of habitats in a small area make this spot worth checking out more often. Maybe even a decent spot for fall migrants?

I managed to get a couple of lousy phone photos of the geese:

Greater White-fronted grazingĀ 

Inline image
The gang (a bit mixed up) - R-L: Canada (I think), Cacklers and the GWF

Inline image
One Cackler making its way past the massed mallards

Richard Bradus
San Francisco