weekend birds

Harry Fuller <Harry_Fuller@...>

Forgot to mention that Murphy and I on Saturday found two Cliff Swallows nest on
south side of Merced boat house, one intact, the other already broken off the
wall. Both had been active this eyar juding from the swallow feces below.
Today: two Osprey calling and hunting on north side of Merced, both adults.
Also at Wooden Bridge, Merced, pair of Co Yellowthroat, one male, believe the
other was a juvenile, not femaile with pale face.
Many juvenile Marsh Wren about that spot.
Female Wood Duck on NOrth Lake, GGP.
Huge finch flock at East Wash: House and American Gold...saw one lonely Lesser.
Active family of Wilson Warblers and another family of Bushtit and one of PYNU
as well. One juvenile Bullock's Oriole as well. They must disperse as breeding