Vellela - By the wind sailors

Alvaro Jaramillo


  Time for us to say “well hello there sailor.” A neighbor noted a beaching of Vellela vellela, By-the-wind Sailors, a relative of the Portuguese Man-o-war. These critters float around offshore and have a sail that they use to catch the wind and move. Every so often they beach themselves, sometimes in spectacular numbers. The locals tell me the last time it happened was spring of 2020. Question is, are there any bird correlations that happen when the sailors beach? I assume they come from warmer offshore water, but maybe I am wrong on that? Any thoughts on what this may correlate with, other than its been hella windy? Wind is obviously a factor, but it is windy every spring, and they don’t always beach. Any thoughts or musings on birds and BTW Sailors?




Alvaro Jaramillo