Two gull educational events coming next week.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,


   For those troubled by gull identification, and perhaps wanting some info on what makes gulls special and interesting biologically. I am doing two events starting next week, one free and one a fee workshop. This is a good time to brush up, or learn gulls as our peak gull months are December to early March.

    The workshop begins on Monday the 29th, 4 classes on the large white headed gulls. Key is I try to simplify and teach patterns, the idea is to make this easier, not harder! The recordings of the workshop are yours to keep and study from in the future:


The free event is hosted by the LA Birders, you need to register though. Here is the information on that event:

Making Sense of Big Gulls in California
with Alvaro Jaramillo
Tuesday, November 30, 2021 7:00 PM on YouTube

The large gulls are a nightmare, or maybe they are a blessing. The adults are striking and beautiful yet are complex. This is a group that is recent, where speciation is happening as we speak, where it is still messy and unclear. Rather than solve all problems in gull identification, this talk will tackle tidbits, disparate parts of the puzzle. We will chat about the evolutionary history of northern large gulls and simplify how gulls are aged (it’s not that hard), and Alvaro will give us some pointers on how to look at gulls and make sense of them. Alvaro will also throw in some observations on some of the Asian rarities that tantalize us in California and introduce those species and what to look for.

Join Alvaro for a night(mare) about the challenges of Big Gulls of California!

This program will be recorded and made available there for later - or repeat - viewing on our YouTube channel.

** Larry Allen will be leading a gull-focused field trip on Saturday, December 4 for LAB members. Participation will be limited and registration information will be sent to members on Monday, November 29, so if you aren't already... 

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Yesterday, pondering the many things to be thankful and grateful for, I was thinking about our Bay Area and central CA birding scene. We really not only live in a superb place for birds, but we are in a land of amazing and great birders. While there are always issues in any birding community, we have superb and congenial birding communities here. Thanks so much to all of your birders for creating that!


Alvaro Jaramillo