Tuesday, 2 June 2021, McLaren Park

Mike Correll-Feichtner

Tuesday afternoon, 2 June 2021, Ron and I hiked around McLaren Park in hopes of finding the Indigo /bunting reported recently….


We found the Indigo Bunting singing high in a pine near Joe Morlan’s pinned location https://goo.gl/maps/AXJoeeYbGcyWCNb78 at the M in “McLaren Labyrinth”...neglected to get a recording of my own, but sound was like no other present and was
reminiscent of my sightings of the past....was reported by others several times over the past couple weeks...checking a sound recording back at our car at the end of our hike confirmed my hunches.


Other birds of note were Purple Finches, Pygmy Nuthatches and a pair of Western Bluebirds





Mike Correll-Feichtner (Formery Mike Feighner)

Livermore, California, Alameda County




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