Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

Nothing unusual at Cliff House this AM...now 59 visible Br Cormorant nests on
rock #2
BLOY are nesting on rock #1 (counting from left), the one nearest the
shore...two dark, speckled eggs visible at thier nest site
At least 20 juvie Heermann's Gulls on the rocks and Sutro Baths seawall
over 30 sea lions feeding in surf beyond rocks, apparently sharing fish
breakfast with cormorants...a decade ago this would not have been worth noting

At Pacheco/Ocean Beach, a few lingering shorebirds: Sandelring (<10), Willet,
Whimbrel and Godwit
A sadly ailing Clark's Grebe on the beach there as well

Very quiet at East Wash around 8am, though OS Fly still calling regularly