today's ggas trip

Dan Murphy <murphsf@...>


I led a ggas trip this morning. Best news is an unconfirmed report of
nesting egrets at the south end of Van Ness in what I presume is Ft.
Mason. They were reported second hand. The origin of the report is
someone who lives in a nearby apartment tower. Maybe someone from NPS
can confirm this one and get a correct species identification.

The best bird of the day I guess was an immature Cooper's Hawk at the
south end of Lake Merced. We saw the expected birds at the Cliff
House, Fort Funston and Lake Merced. The Black Oystercatchers either
fledged their young or lost it. There were oystercatchers in the area,
but only 2 near the rock. The Bank Swallow colony was quite active. I
didn't do a count, but there were a lot of burrows in use. Some kids
were playing at the base of the little group of 5 burrows nearest the
parking lots. Their parents dogs were fighting with another dog on the
beach. It was nice to see such an excellent example of voice control.
The guy yelled at the dogs and they continued to do whatever they were
doing. That's voice control for you. Oh, the parking lots have been
reopened, so count on the police to start tagging cars parked on the
street again.

The swallow colony at Lake Merced is just about gone. Only 5 nests
remain in one piece. All others have been nocked down. Could be
people, could be rats, could be they just fell apart. One nest is about
mid span on the concreted bridge. The other 4 are behind willows. That
suggests people or wind did the nests in.

There must be a hundred nesting Double-crested Cormorants. The Great
Blue Herons have fledged.

Happy Fourth!*! Dan