swifts at City College

James Armstrong <jarmstro@...>

On Monday morning (around 8:30) I had a group of around half-a-dozen all-dark swifts circling and chattering over the science building at City College.  I'm not good with swifts if they aren't white-throats (I've seen black swifts once, in Colorado), but these ones seemed at least as large as white-throats and somewhat slower-moving (at least on swift terms!).  I didn't have binocs with me and the birds were at treetop level, so "all-dark" about all I can say about them.  I'd love to call them blacks, but they'll just have to go as "dark swift sp" in my book....
Whatever they were, they departed to parts unknown within a minute or so of my arrival.
Jim Armstrong
P.S. Many thanks to those of you who gave me directions and advice about the "washes"!