Sutro Seawatch

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
Today I did a seawatch from Sutro Baths with Max "the ax" Benningfield. Overall it was a pretty slow day but not without a couple fun moments. First off we had 2 Marbled Murrelets which is always fun and I believe my first of the winter season. Also nice was the Glaucous Gull found by Peter Pyle. Pretty cool to be seawatching and have a beautiful Glaucous fly right by our heads. Seems like it came from Lands End so maybe it's roosting over there. The highlight of the day though was a juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake that we were able to have great views of and study for 4-5 minutes which was a real treat. Seems like with the fog recently some "backup" finally happened allowing for larger pushes of birds today and yesterday.
Good Birding