Sutro Highlights

Brian Fitch

Besides the previously mentioned species, other interesting sightings included a pair of Common Goldeneye heading into the bay, an adult Pomerine Jaeger which made a quick attack on a Cal Gull just offshore, multiple Parasitic Jaegers including a pale juvie, several FOS first year Thayer's Gulls,  my FOS pair of Marbled Murrelets, and two flyover American Pipits.

The jaegers were surprising, mainly because I hadn't seen any at all at Sutro since Oct 13th.  The Brown Booby caught my eye as it flew low over the water just north of and beyond North Rock; the gulls dive-bombing it first drew my attention.  I was still scanning the horizon for its possible return when the rock's birds went crazy, and I looked up to see the Bald Eagle directly over North Rock.  I received word from William Legge that the bird showed up at Rodeo Lagoon around a half an hour later.

Another species that would have passed me by unseen was Bottlenosed Dolphin.  While scoping, I heard a puffing sound and looked down, expecting a seal, but there was a very close pod of dolphins that spent several minutes fishing among the near rocks.  I can't recall the surf ever being quiet enough to allow me to hear them before, even though they pass this spot by regularly.

Brian Fitch