Stow Lake, yesterday evening

David Armstrong

There wasn't anything very unusual there last night,
but we did observe the heron nest on the W side of the
island for awhile -- a Park Ranger told us there were
3 young in the nest, but they were out of sight.
On top of Strawberry Hill a redtailed hawk settled on
top of a tree to enjoy a dinner of fresh rat, and was
constantly harrassed by two scrub jays and then by a
red-shouldered hawk who landed on the same tree.
We noticed later why this was good hunting for hawks:
the rats swim across the lake fairly slowly and are
sitting ducks so to speak.
There were 2 gadwall on the fenced in pond about
halfway up the hill, 2 Canada Geese on the east side
of the lake, and a black-crowned night heron in its
favorite spot on the island where the waterfall runs
into the lake.

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