Sparrows at Fort Mason

Richard Bradus

Not as exciting as the hawks (which I totally missed) but...

Late morning through the noon hour there were interesting sparrows on the lawns and around the buildings at Fort Mason. In addition to good numbers of White-crowns, the continuing Lark Sparrow was intermittently on the lawn in front of the General's House. Briefly seen there was also a Chipping Sparrow. A bit earlier there was a Clay-colored Sparrow in between the houses along Franklin St.

The Orchard Oriole made repeated visits to a bottlebrush tree near the Hostel (intersection of Franklin and Funston Rd.). But, as fate would have it, I was unable to see my target bird, the Tropical Kingbird, though it had been seen earlier by others north of the Hostel and in the Battery.

Enjoyed the warm sunshine as well!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco