South Bay

Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

Nice day in South Bay today:
Many Curlew and Willet at Palo Alto Baylands, nesting Stilt and Avocet
Kites, Harrier, Marsh Wrens
At Charleston Slough: Pintails (>5), Ruddy Ducks, many Les Scaup, one Bl Simmer,
nesting Forster's Tern, female Ho Merganser, Cin Teal
more nesting Stilt and Avocet, Common Yellowthroat, more Willets

Pair of Burrowing Owls on First Avenue west of Mathilda where the new Yahoo HQ
is being built, a modest 800K square feet says the sign...they have burrow right
along road next to parking lot at Bldg #174