Shrike at Yosemite Slough...

Richard Bradus

But remaining distant.

From about 11:15 this morning the continuing Loggerhead Shrike made appearances south and north of the Community Garden Pond. No luck initially when I came upon Brian Fitch but I decided to check out the lagoon to the south (never quite got there) and soon sighted the shrike perched atop a small tree or brush near the southern part of the fence by the bay. Damned uncooperative, though - every time I got within 60 meters or so it would fly off. It worked its way north along the scrub, perching at times on the chain link fence, then the graffiti adorned wall, then all the way to the field to the north before quickly working its way back. Whew! Lucky Kevin Liberg arrived a bit later and got to see the entire sequence repeated.

There was also the continuing Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (also difficult, seen only in the dense scrub) and a much more cooperative Say's Phoebe that hung out in the garden area for a couple of minutes. Continuing sleeping Dowitchers, lots of pretty flighty sparrows as well and I never got a decent chance for a photo of numerous Meadowlarks.

If you go, bear in mind that there is also a Mockingbird in the area (silent, unfortunately).
Enjoyment in black & white!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco