Short eared owl over lands end now.

Josiah Clark

It’s been flying over the Golden gate and lands end area at times tussling with a red tail seen well by several and photos obtained. Also a couple flocks of cackling geese.

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What a pull by Josiah Clark! We were standing at the back fo the VA looking out across Golden Gate Channel dreaming of a Broadwing hawk. We even put our field glasses on hawk hill to see if there was anything flying above. Then Josiah saw a flock of cackling geese flying over the golden gate bridge towards the southeast. Then we had a raptor that was hard to judge size at a distance, but it had a very deep wing beat, followed by soaring on fixed wings. The deep wing beats had a bend at the elbow with the wing tips pointed straight down. We caught glimpses of pale in the right light. It circled over the South tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, moved to the North tower, eventually ended up over the ridge in Marin County and then returned back over the channel over SF land. This was one heck of a pull and ID at a great distance but was easier for me to confirm when the owl eventually fly closer to us, but still quite distant, before being mobbed by a redtail hawk and gaining a bunch of altitude. We watched it for about 15 minutes I think. My back of the envelope (ruler in google maps) calculation says Josiah made this ID from approx. 2.75 miles away!

Distant photos of the Short-eared Owl are in this ebird list:

Great birding!

Jake Kirkland
East Palo Alto, CA