SF Seawatch, 8/17/19

Paul Saraceni

This morning (7:25-9:10 AM) I did a seawatch from the south end of the Great Highway. Good viewing conditions with visibility out to the horizon, partly-cloudy skies, and a brisk SW wind that increased during the watch.

There were good numbers of ELEGANT TERNS in view over the ocean the entire time -- estimated 1800+, mostly moving S.

Other observations of local interest:

Surf Scoter 35 (1 flock on the ocean)

Osprey 1 (flying N over the beach)

Clark's Grebe 18 (1 compact flock on the ocean; a nice aggregation)

Western Grebe 2

Common Loon 2 (basic plumage)

Brown Pelican 120+ (most flying N)

Semipalmated Plover 4 (flying N over the surf)

Whimbrel 24

Marbled Godwit 1

Sanderling 30+

Western Sandpiper 3 (flying N over the surf)

Red-necked Phalarope 9 (moving S in small #s, some landed on the ocean)

Caspian Tern 8

PARASITIC JAEGER 2 ad. (flying S together; briefly harassed a Heermann's Gull, then headed W out to sea)

Common Murre 2 

Pigeon Guillemot 1

Barn Swallow 2

Paul Saraceni

San Francisco