Sat-Northern Parula


There was a singing male Northern Parula at the west end of the Stern Grove
this afternoon (3:00PM). The bird was in the willows at the base of the hill
accessed from Wawona Ave. between 33rd and 34th. Took about 15 minutes to
locate it from when I first heard it but then got great looks for 5 minutes
or more about 10-12 feet up in the willows.

I also checked the Washes this morning between 10AM-11AM. Not much going on,
although I did hear the nasal yanking of a RB Nuthatch once in the West Wash.
The highlight of the East Wash was the diversity perched near the top of the
bare tree in the center of the Wash all at the same time (Olive Sided
Flycatcher, House Finch, American Goldfinch, Robin, Song Sparrow, and Allen's