Redstart, Parula etc - Lincoln Park

Stephen J. Davies <sdavies@...>

Birded Lincoln Park for an hour this morning. At 8am, I heard a Willow
Flycatcher singing at the West Wash, and soon found the bird in a bush close
to the top of the wash, right behind the VA cafeteria. Heading west toward
the Fort Miley lookout on the upper trail, a Dusky Flycatcher was feeding in
the area just to the east of where the paved road begins. Working back east
on the lower trail, I heard the Northern Parula singing in roughly the same
area as yesterday, but much further downslope. It then slowly worked its
way upslope, singing as it went, passing over the trail and on up toward the
VA and the spot where I had it yesterday. Reaching the East Wash, I was
climbing the trail back up toward the road when I heard an American Redstart
singing behind me. With a little searching, I located the bird - 1st year
male - singing high in the eucalyptus at the bottom of the wash.
Bird hard

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