RB Grosbeak and other Presidio birds

Josiah Clark <sunbittern@...>

Hey all
for anyone not checking the tape, there was a singing male RB Grosbeak on the Mission Dolores Section of the ecology trail at the base of the Tenessee Hollow Watershed in the Presidio this Am.

Also Of note: the pair of HAirys by the Lobos Forest was feeding a fledgling in the pines along Battery Crosby like they were last year. A Pac Slope was calling above the Tennis Courts at Kobbee and Upton. Yesterday it, (one) was at the Community Garden there. Had at least 3 differnt OS flys, 6 diff RS Hawks and 4 different pairs of Quail around the Presidio today. 5 Tree Swallows over lawns adjacent to PH Hospital. A pair of Spotted Towhees is loyal by Lincoln at Battery Crosby. Ive also had clutches of scrub Jay, Winter Wren,Downy woodpecker, Pyg Nut, Ann Humm Chickadee, Robin, Mo dove, Br creeper, wc and song sparrow, Junco, Ca towhee, American and Lesser Goldfinch. While Cowbirds have seemed low to me this year so far, there are bumper crops of all the "weedy" bird species in my area.
2 more Nests have been abandoned by Killdeer at Crissy.
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