Quail Chicks at Strybing!

Alan Hopkins <ash@...>

This afternoon at about 4:30 I got a call from Don Mahoney at Strybing
reporting that he had just seen about six quail chicks in the South
Africa section just north of the California Garden. He said the chicks
were reported to him by two women who had also seen them a few days

I was in the California Garden at noon and did not see any chicks or
females, but the males were acting oddly. Don reported that he saw males
fighting. I found some breast feathers that I hope were a result of a
cock fight and not anything more serious. I suspect that the chicks were
present over the weekend which might have explained all their alarm
calls on Sunday.

After Don called I went to the Arboretum but could not find the chicks
in more than an hour of looking. I did see one male under the cedars to
the north west of the Calif. area.

I also watched a Scrub Jay rutting around on the ground near the north
east corner of the reservoir, but could not see what it was after.

I will be looking for the chicks in the morning. It would be great I we
could get people to volunteer to watch the chicks to keep the jays and
cats away. Please let me know if you can help.