Presidio roundup report

Josiah Clark

Six of us split up by bicycle in the Presidio getting good coverage, tallying 92 species but found no real rarities. 
Some birds of note included: 
Fly over Swainsons hawk, chipping sparrow-cemetery 
 acorn woodpecker -Julius khan
Fos Hermit thrush-main post
American pipits- Crissy field 
20 cackling geese- Lobos valley overlook
    There was pretty clearly a big exitus of migrants and vagrants a couple nights ago with all the wind. The same wave that brought the big sparrow numbers also seemed to clear out many of the summer migrants
 Many fewer pacific slope flycatchers, tanagers and Wilsons warbler for example and none of the vagrants from the previous week remained.
It seems to me the migration started in earnest a little earlier this year and is a bit further along than round-ups previous years. 
  As we often find this time of year lots of the big numbers of yellow warblers were concentrated in the red flowering “Ironwood Eucalyptus” and canary Island Christmas trees. There were 20 or so at the cemetery, with several coming down onto lawn and tombstones at times. 
  Participants in our squad: Ivan Samuels, Cedric Duhalde, Auggie Kramer, Mike Coroza and Jaime Chaves 

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