Presidio near Arguello: Least - yes Sapsucker - no

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Joined a MOB shortly after 10am (12/23) already watching the continuing Least Flycatcher in the brush and small trees at the southern edge of the Presidio off W. Pacific Ave. just east of Cherry St. (east of the Arguello Gate). It was very confiding, perching a bit like a phoebe between numerous sallies (mostly low to the ground), clearly catching some insects. 

Unfortunately, none of the assembled were able to re-find the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, though I stayed on watch for about 40 minutes or so near the clump of eucalyptus a bit to the north of the Arguello/W. Pacific intersection. The White-throated Sparrow continues with the mixed sparrow flock around the brush near this intersection. Also of interest was a quick sortie by a Sharp-shinned Hawk out of and back into the forest. Walking back east finally, I was able to show the Empid to some visiting birders from the Central Valley as the Least was still doing its thing in the same area.

Happy Holidays!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco