Possibly a 2nd American Restart and continuing Rose-Breasted Grosbeak at Middle Lake

Dario Taraborelli

The AMERICAN REDSTART found by Sarah 2 days ago was continuing this morning on the NE side of North Lake in proximity of the flowering red gum with other western migrants. We refound it later further south on the east shore in the area where people feed raccoons.

I biked later to the south side of Middle Lake (37.7662593, -122.4986033) where the juvi ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK reported by Brian was continuing at 1pm. Around 1:15 I saw in the large oak at the same location an AMERICAN REDSTART, likely a second bird distinct from the North Lake. This one is very cooperative, preferring lower branches and associating with Pac-slope Flycatchers and Wilson’s Warblers. A Willow Flycatcher is also witting loudly in the same area. Photos will follow on eBird.