Points north (extra limital)


If you have been wondering where I have been, I was camping in the Olympic
Rainforest and Vancouver Island. Of course I'd been planning to get some
birding in as well as relaxing, but I had a small playground accident and was
on crutches for the bulk of the trip. This hampered the birding but still it
was good. To cut a longish story short, Marbled Murrelets both inland and in
large numbers off shore. Harliquin ducks (1 flock of 50 100' off shore),
Rhino Auklets in vast numbers, close to shore. Many Bald Eagles seen,
including an adult that chased a 1st year gull down over the Juan de Fuca
Straits, killed it and dropped it into the water, the bird's mate then flew
out and retrieved the corpse for its exhausted partner. Not a Puffin to be
seen. plenty of the regular land birds. several Blue Grouse. and all those
Puget Sound gulls. Most interesting animal of the trip The Shrew-Mole, found
dead on a trail.

Kevin McKereghan