[pen-bird] More on the Streaked Shearwater

Peter Pyle

I've added a bit of description at my shared checklist, for what it's worth, cheers, Peter

At 07:04 PM 10/26/2020, Alvaro Jaramillo wrote:

Hello all,

I wanted to mention that Ian Davies uploaded his photos of the shearwater today. These four are all we were able to get of the very quick observation, which unfortunately was not a bird that most people on the boat got to see as it was immediately in front of the boat, and it disappeared right when we got the word out. But Ian's photos show the extensive white underwing on the inner wing. As well the profile seems to show a pale bill, pale face with darker mask, and darker secondaries contrasting with a narrow pale line (pale tips) on the greater coverts. My poor photos show the pale face.


If there is enough interest we will put together a trip for Wednesday. The weather is looking pretty calm that day, as it was on Saturday. Note that post-trip, Hallie Daly found a photographed Flesh-foot in her pictures. I think we were so focused on looking for the Streaked that we missed that. It was active on Saturday, and certainly this time of year can be exciting due to the chance for unusual species. The probability of re-finding the Streaked is small, but it is more than zero. Similarly the chance of finding something else is always there too. If you are keen on a Wednesday trip, let me know. If we have the numbers we will do it.

Take care,


Alvaro Jaramillo