Pelagic dates 2021 - Owl Workshop.

Alvaro Jaramillo

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      I have put together some preliminary dates for pelagic trips for this season. I also have an owl and nightbird workshop starting next week. The pelagic dates are preliminary in that there could be changes due to covid-19 although I am optimistic that we will be able to run a season without a problem. Perhaps we may add dates as we find there is additional interest. Right now I am taking names/emails for reservations, but no payment as pricing will depend on whether we are restricted to half a boat as we were last year, or something similar to that restriction.

  The dates are here

   A page on how to pick a trip is here


Starting Monday I am offering a workshop on owls and nightbirds. This workshop will include visual and acoustic identification, as well as lots of detail on their ecology, predator-prey relationships, migration, taxonomy (splits are coming!), as well as behavior and habitat. I hope for it to be fun, and a pretty all-round introduction to owls on our continent. They are some of our most amazing of birds, and this time of year is the time to look for wintering owls, and get ready for the breeding period, as they tend to vocalize early in spring. To sign up and for more information :


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Alvaro Jaramillo