Odds & ends from Stowberry

Ken Moy

Good morning, arrived at the bottom of the falls on 10/26 @ 9 to find a large flock of yellow rumped warblers drinking and bathing with a few Townsend's. At the upper wooden bridge, got a good close up of the previously reported Wilson's warbler (pileolata) as it bathed alongside a Townsend's @ 9:30.

Over the past few weeks, I have been sighting two golden crowned kinglets (1 male often flashing its gold crown and 1 apparent female whose crown presents as white) on the North side and the summit of Strawberry Hill. This morning, I spotted a golden crowned kinglet whose crown appeared white at first then appeared to flash yellow in the dessicated pine at the top of the falls. I refound it at 11 from the lake level path just West of the concrete bridge. Last spotted the male yesterday at the summit. They and a continuing red breasted nuthatch may stay for a while.

Good birding!

Ken Moy