Oceanic Society Pelagic, Sat July 9 to Farallones


Hi All,
Eric Preston and I did a trip to the Farallones on Sat last with the OCeanic
The sea was the flatest I have been on for a boat trip, the birding was a
little quiet.
Highlights ( all in SF County I believe)

BF Albatross 8-12
Bullers Shearwater 4
PF Shearwater 16-20
Sooty 30-40
Rhino Auklet 12-15
Cassins - Many
Common Murre- Many
Tufted Puffin - 6-8 including 1 approx 15 feet off the boat
Northern Fulmar 1
FT Storm Petrel ( seen by the Captain only)
Jaegar Sp. 1 ( prob Pomarine)

Grey Whale 2
Rissos Dolphin 6
Dahls Porpoise many
Harbor Porpoise
Stellars Sealion 1

All in all a good day