Ocean Beach

Harry Fuller <Harry_Fuller@...>

There were eleven visible Snowy Plover, crouching in the concavities of the
beach just south of the dunes, west end of Noriega...about 6pm Friday. I did
not have my scope so I may have missed some...I didn't want to get too close.
No people nearby and even the park ranger who zipped past in his Jeep stayed
near the water and away from the little tikes.

Also on Ocean Beach around Pacheco west end: zillions of gulls and Ravens...I
have to confess I actually spent some time looking at the Pacheco "gull
ghetto"...there was one apparent Cal Gull in molt whose shoulder feathers were
usual pale gray, outer half of the wing feathers were WHITE
Two Casp T in flock, no Elegants there or at Crissy earlier in eve

Shorebirds else: dozen Godwit, 20+ Whimbrel, 40+ Sanderlings with some gray
feathers starting to show on some, one not very Black-bellied Plover.
No Willet but I did see two in a small Whimbrel flock flyover at Lands End last
(Th) evening.