November Birding (BTYW, SUTA)

Joachim Gonzalez

Today I, as well as Jonah Benningfield and Oscar Moss checked a few spots around western SF in hopes of scoring winter rarities. We were mildly successful.

I did a solo trip to the zoo for about an hour, but given the small amount of time birding the area I didn't see a whole lot. Still lots of area to cover
2 Lincoln's Sparrows and a Red-breasted Sapsucker were the highlights. Didn't see much of the robin flock that was frequenting the cotoneaster where the Scarlet Tanager spent last winter, (perhaps they found a better food source in the Zoo-Lake Merced Area?) though that area was still the most productive. Sparrows, finches, warblers were all in the area.

Next, Jonah and I walked the Ocean Beach dunes in hopes of a Snow Bunting. There were none :(

Then we met up with Oscar in Golden Gate Park, checking Elk Glen and Mallard Lakes as well as the Arboretum. 
There was a House Wren at Elk Glen and a partially leucistic Song Sparrow at Mallard Lake. In the Arboretum, Oscar found a Black-throated Gray Warbler near the bathrooms, a nice winterer in the city. The best bird was a Summer Tanager that dropped in for about a minute (coming from the direction of Stow Lake) as Jonah and I were leaving. It spent some time in the Euks at Muir Pond/Children's Garden before going out of view.

Happy CBC Season,
Joachim Gonzalez