Nov. 7, Misc Sightings; Booby Sp.' LT Duck; Golden Eagle etc.

H Cotter

Started the morning at the Ocean Beach seawatch spot. The highlight was a Booby  Sp. The bird was relatively far out and moving south. The light was poor and all I could see was that it looked generally all dark.
Also has some Cackling Geese; Scaup and Bonaparte's Gulls.

I eventually ended up at Battery Godfrey. This was unintentional but as I was at Fort Scott  and it looked like a number of Surf Scoters were moving into the Bay I went to the Battery. There was some good movement considering the wind including 100's of Surf Scoters; a Long-tailed Duck; a Golden Eagle that came across the channel; Northern Harrier, a number of TV's and Red T Hawks.


Bob Hall

The golden eagle was also sighted by my restoration team on Sunset Blvd before I arrived. I was like, really? Are you sure. They will be excited to hear others saw it.

Bob Hall

Bob Hall
San Francisco, CA
"There is no better high than discovery." - E.O. Wilson