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Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

Saturday: few birds at Crissy Field, but one of interest at NW corner of the
lagoon...an adult Green Heron feeding in mudlfats! Far from the nearest willow
or brush.
O-S Fly singing at: Mountain Lake, Middle Lake, Lobos Creek across the street
(west) from the dunes, Kobbe & Upton
Win Wren singing at Sutro Hts. where they have nested this year
TR SW nesting in Sutro Hts. as well, using last year's DOWO hole in dead euc at
south end of park
SWTH singing in willows at east end of Mtn Lake, at least two birds present
juvenile birds seen: PYNU, DEJU, BLPH, BUSH, ALHU, HOOR (sat Kobbe/Upton)

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To: mweaton@pacbell.net, SFBirds <SFBirds@egroups.com>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] 1st Annual Swift Watch

--- "Mark W. Eaton" <mweaton@pacbell.net> wrote:

PIED-BILLED GREBES have succesfully fledged and a
was carrying nesting material at Lake Merced.
At North Lake, as well, there were 3 juvenile
pied-billed grebes last night, at the south side of
the lake.

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