More news on Quail Chicks

Alan Hopkins <ash@...>

Wednesday June 21,
I visited the Arboretum today at about 11. I spent quite a bit of time
looking for the quail chicks and did not see or hear anything until the
fog lightened at about 12:30. I first spotted the family where they were
seen yesterday � on the hill that is on the north side of the California
Garden. This part of the hill is part of the Cape Province Garden. There
are a lot of blue flowers that provide a ground cover there. The birds
were in this area for about 45 minutes and then they crossed the path.
At that point I believe that I counted 5 chicks, however it was a quick
look and the number could be six.

The family briefly disappeared into the periwinkle and emerged in the
Cape Province area to the north of the reservoir. I watched them
creeping through the Weeping Love Grass, and basking under the Safari
Sunset plant. They were very aware of me, so I did my best to avoid
disturbing them. When the reservoir Jays came by I made sure not to look
at the quail, I did not want to tip their presence to the Jays.

I left at 2 and returned at 4:30, the birds were still in the same
place. In the morning I only saw the birds in the immediate family, no
other quail. Upon my return there were five other males chasing around
the area, acting like the five stooges. I watched one squabble and one
bird got a bill full of feathers from the breast of another. I am fairly
sure that was the source of feathers I found Tuesday.

I would guess that the chicks are about 4 days old. Six more days until
they can fly.

The question I have now is where are the other quail?