Marine Layer at Strawberry Hill/Stow Lake

Ken Moy

Sunday, 8/25, 7:15 -10:15am: Marine layer was lower and denser than earlier this week but I don't think it reduced number of birds. I was joined for part of the time by Judi and Pat from the East Bay.

Stow Lake: greeted with a chorus of yellow warblers in the eucalypti just west of the eastern steps but I could only see about a dozen birds that were shaped and flying like them with no color coming through the fog, a yellowish warbling vireo was in the bush overhanging the walkway on Stow Lake Drive East (30-40 yards east of the concrete bridge where it was seen the day before @ 7:30)

Strawberry Hill: 1 wilson's warbler in landscaped area near the pavilion, 3 orange crowned warblers, 2 townsend's warblers in the trees and bushes upslope from the landscaped area, 4 visually identifiable yellow warblers, 2 different townsend's warblers in the pine with the old man's beard (thanks Pat) and 1 different orange crowned warbler in a pine sited at lake level and viewable at eye level from the reservoir near the picnic table.

Log Cabin Trail: on a quick jaunt out of the park, had a flyover female western tanager east of Mother's Meadow.

Good birding to all,

Ken Moy