MacGillivray's Warbler at SFSU 03/07/21


Hey birders,

Yesterday, Augie Kramer and I did a little biking by Lake Merced and found ourselves scouring random nearby streets and the SF State campus. By the "Decomposer's Garden" (between the College of Business and Dpt. of Geography, southeast of the quad), Augie spotted a yellow-olive warbler in the low understory of the Camelia bushes. After a little chasing around we were surprised to learn it was a MacGillivray's Warbler! MGWAs are rare winterers in CA, on eBird there are only 2 records in SF, and I learned of at least one other according to Logan. Luckily, Augie managed to snag some quick digibinned shots of this unexpected bird. A nice reminder that there are probably more wintering rarities hidden right under our noses in the random patches in the city that aren't true "hotspots".
Here's a link to the checklist:

Other birds of note in the area were a pair of Cinnamon Teal seen along the reedy edge of the lake from the Mesa, and 8 or so White-throated swifts flying over the Impound Lake near the Concrete Bridge.

Good birding,
C├ędric Duhalde