Local Interest this weekend - Shorebirds, dispersing birds

David Assmann

After not seeing many ELEGANT TERNS in Crissy Lagoon the past few days, I was surprised to see more than 300 there Saturday morning.  This morning there were none in the Lagoon, but I could see them over the water. It appears that they roost in larger numbers in the Lagoon when the day starts out foggy. This morning the juvenile WHITE-TAILED KITE was on top of a small snag next to the bridge, the same place where I saw it last Saturday and Sunday first thing in the morning (overnight roost?). 4 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS yesterday, 7 today. I had a female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT for the first time in quite a while this morning as well. Yesterday morning I counted 190 SANDERLINGS and 123 WHIMBREL on Ocean Beach, along with 1 BLACK TURNSTONE, 3 MARBLED GODWITS and 2 SNOWY PLOVERS. A PARASITIC JAEGER was just offshore, where a number of CASPIAN and ELEGANT TERNS were fishing. I arrived at Fort Mason late in the morning yesterday and could not find the Red-Whiskered Bulbul - it appears to have left after 3 days.  Today, there were a handful of birds not normally seen at Fort Mason in the summer - a molting WILSON'S WARBLER, an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE.  A juvenile NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD has been hanging around behind the General's House, which has been good to see, which means the Mockingbirds successfully nested this year.