Local Interest Fort Mason last 8 days

David Assmann

Looked for migrants at Fort Mason for six of the past eight mornings (not Sunday and Wednesday) and found some each day. At least 2 WESTERN KINGBIRDS were seen each day until Tuesday, with at least 8 on Friday.  ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS were seen every day, with as many as 10 being present on Saturday. BULLOCK'S ORIOLES were present on five of the six days. WILSON'S WARBLERS were seen on the first three days. WESTERN TANAGERS were present on Friday and Saturday. BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK were seen on Saturday and Monday. A CASSIN'S VIREO was seen on Friday and Saturday, and a WARBLING VIREO was there on Monday. 2 WHITE-THROATED SWIFT flew low over the Blackpoint Gardens this morning. A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was adjacent to the General's House on Saturday. A WANDERING TATTLER was in Aquatic Park on Tuesday. An ACORN WOODPECKER was north of the General's House on Monday (that same day one was also seen in Lincoln Park and the Presidio). A PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER was in the garden on Monday. A COMMON YELLOWTHROAT was in the garden last Thursday. A FOS YELLOW WARBLER was in the garden on Friday. A BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER was in the Battery on Monday, and a HERMIT WARBLER was there on Friday.